Creative Europe

Creative Europe is the European Union framework programme that provides 1.46 billion euros, payable from 2014 to 2020, for the strengthening of the cultural and creative sectors in Europe.

It is composed of two sub-programmes:

  • Culture with a budget of 454,8 million euro (approximately 31% of total budget) dedicated to creative and cultural field (network, cooperation, translation, platforms)
  • Media with a budget 824 Million Euros (about 56% of the total budget) dedicated to the audiovisual sector (training, support for producers, videogames, distribution, promotion, festival, online distribution, training, audience development, funds international coproduction, pilot projects)

The programme also provides a section across sectors: a guarantee fund to which it is intended the 13% of funds and that, starting from 2016, will be devoted to the creative industries and cultural (access to credit, exchange of expertise and know-how, collection market data and needs, conferences, seminars, testing).

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