EaSI Programme

The European programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) is a financial instrument that aims to promote sustainable employment and quality, to ensure adequate social protection and dignified, to fight social exclusion and poverty and to improve working conditions. The programme fits in the strategy of EU decennial growth, contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the strategy Europe 2020.

It also supports the launch of the 7 headlight initiatives presented in 2010, among which more attention is given to the European platform against poverty and social exclusion, the agenda for new skills and employment and youth in motion.

EaSI has a total budget of 919,47 million Euro and brings together in a single programme three different Community programmes, which were managed separately until 2013, i.e.:

  • PROGRESS for the modernisation of employment and social policies (61% of total funding)
  • EURES for occupational mobility (18% of total funding)
  • PROGRESS MICROFINANCE for access to microfinance and to the social entrepreneurship (21% of total funding)
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